Jazzamba Scholarship Program

Criteria for Scholarship Applicants

Before an applicant can apply for a scholarship from the Jazzamba School of Music, he/she must: 

- Must have a conditional offer of acceptance for admission into the program 

- Complete the application process and pay the registration fee 

- Upon acceptance into the program, the student shall complete the scholarship form which shall be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

Types of Scholarships

The following scholarships may be awarded to Jazzamba students: 

- Female Musician Scholarship: open only to female Ethiopian music students 

- Ethnic Minority Musician Scholarship: available to students from an ethnic minority in Ethiopia 

- Scholarship for Married students: open only to Ethiopian students who are married 

- Christian Musician Scholarship: open to Ethiopian Christians who seek to gain influence as a   Christian Musician in Ethiopia

- Outstanding Audition Scholarship: available to students who far surpass the expectations of the   admissions panel, despite no previous music education  

- Scholarship for Vocalists: available to Ethiopian students who desire to pursue a major in vocal   studies   

- African Musician Scholarship: available to music students from other African countries only    - Saxophonist Scholarship: open to students who are majoring in the saxophone 

- Drummers Scholarship: open to students who are majoring in drums 

- Minor Instrumental Focus Scholarship: open to students with a minor degree in an instrument other than the piano, guitar, sax or drums

Value of the Jazzamba Scholarships

The full value of Jazzamba scholarships go from $3000 to $5000 USD per school year.  This is the current cost of education per student, depending on the courses and instrument.  

Scholarships shall be granted based on the need of the student (up to 100%).  The following years shall also be based on their participation and grades.

Approval of a Scholarship

Students who have been approved for a scholarship shall have all the following costs covered by their scholarship.  No funds shall be given directly to the student.   

- Between 5%-100% tuition covered per year (with requirements) 

- All books required for the courses 

- Registration opportunities for workshops provided by Jazzamba, outside of regular classes Scholarships do NOT provide for housing costs, food costs or instrument rentals.

Obligations of the Recipient

Students who receive a scholarship shall: 

- Promote the vision of the school 

- Be actively engaged in all classes, performances and practices as required by teachers and   instructors  

- Maintain a passing grade to continue to the next year 

- Participate at least twice per month in a performance for the school 

- Students who are able shall provide a portion of their education costs each year.  The amount    that is required to be paid shall be specified in their scholarship approval and is based on    financial ability 

- Students shall pay a monthly rental fee for their instrument, which may be available for    purchase at the end of their studies.

Information for Scholarship Funders

Jazzamba has many partners who value musical talent and opportunity as much as we do.  Our donors provide Ethiopian music students the possibility to pursue their dreams and to grow their talent.    

A talent in music takes passion and commitment, something that our donors understand and appreciate.  Within the Ethiopian context it would be very difficult for young people with musical ability to cover the cost of an education in creative arts like music.  It is with the support of our donors that the Jazzamba School of Music can welcome the best and brightest up and coming musicians in the country. 

An interested funder may support a specific scholarship or donate directly to the general scholarship fund for distribution as needed.  For specific scholarship donations, the donor will receive information about the student who is awarded the scholarship, including when that student is performing.   Jazzamba welcomes any donor to make additional requests for a scholarship that is to be awarded, such as a scholarship in the name of the donor organization.

Contact Us

Please contact us to find out more about how you can be part of the Scholarship Program.

 Thank you for your support!

Jazzamba School of Music