Donate Instruments

Jazzamba currently has an enrolment capacity of 90 students.  As performance music students, each student works to enhance their skill and talent on their major instrument.  

More than half of the students do now own their own instrument, nor do they have access to an instrument outside of the school.  For this reason, Jazzamba instruments have to be replaced regularly and when possible, we try to assist our students in acquiring their own instrument.  

Due to high use of our instruments, the following instruments are always needed: 

- Guitars 

- Bass guitars 

- Keyboards 

- Saxophones 

- Drum kits 

The school also seeks to add the following instruments: 

- Trumpet 

- Trombone 

- Flute 

- Cello 

- Tuba 

- Congo Drums 

We greatly welcome new or gently used instruments, particularly in preparation for the start of each school year.   

Donations of instruments require safe transport to Ethiopia.  Arrangements with the Embassy of the country from which the instruments will arrive, have in the past been one of the best ways to donate instruments to Jazzamba.  

For individuals traveling into the country, it is also possible to hand carry an instrument.


Partner with Jazzamba

Jazzamba welcomes partnerships and relationships with international music schools or organizations that work to support the arts in Africa, such as the Global Music Campus, which supports Jazzamba with musical instruments for the purpose of continued professional development of the Jazzamba teachers.


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Thank you for your support.

Jazzamba School of Music