Admissions Process

All students wishing to be admitted into the school must complete our on-line crash course registration form. 

The regisration form is open all year and an email will be sent when those who have registered can come and pay the registration fee to particpate in the crash course.

General Requirements - All students must provide the following documents in order to be considered for admission into the Jazzamba School of Music: 

- A completed application form and fee

- ID copy 

- Proof of completion of Grade 10 of Grade 12  

- Proof of musical instruction (if available)

Crash Course - All prospective students must complete the 6-week course which includes lessons in basic Ear Training and Music Theory.  A grade of 70% is required in both courses to move into the next stage of the admissions process.  Students with previous music education may be except from taking the course if they can pass the exam with 70% or higher.

Interview - Students who have passed the basic music knowledge courses or have proof of musical instruction will be called in for an interview. The interview will be conducted by the Music  Director, and a one or more faculty members. 

Audition - All applicants who make it through to the final screening must complete an audition.  The audition must be either the playing an instrument of choice, or a vocal piece.

Acceptance - Students accepted for admission into the program can apply to the school for a scholarship if they are unable to cover the tuition.   Contact the school for more information.

The Scholarship Process

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