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Additional Information

Jazzamba School of Music is a registered non-profit organization in Ethiopia.  We welcome your support so that we can provide quality music education, develop our curriculum and programs and work towards a greater musical impact in Ethiopia.

Support for the arts is very limited, thus even small projects that work to bring quality music education into the schools, or promote local music traditions and opportunities for live music, need funding.

Donations can be made locally in Ethiopia by check or cash. A receipt will be provided.  Donations from abroad require a transfer to made to our bank account.  Paypal or other forms of donating are not available.  For information on how to send a donation, please contact us.

Donate to Specific Needs

Jazzamba Scholarship Fund

The Jazzamba Scholarship Fund shall provide the means for students with a talent and desire for an education in music to complete the full degree program, with full or partial financial assistance as needed.  

The fund shall pool all scholarship donations received from partners and other sources, while maintaining the specific requirements set out by the donor (if applicable).  As students are accepted into the Jazzamba program they can complete the scholarship application.  The scholarship committee shall look to match each applicant with a scholarship that is the best fit. 

It is the goal of Jazzamba that all accepted students who require financial assistance be given the opportunity for musical education in the Jazz Amba School of Music by providing financial support.

Fund a Scholarship

For more information about the specific scholarships that need funding, follow this link.

Musical Instruments

Many of the Jazzamba School of Music students are not able to afford a quality education, much less a musical instrument.  The students will have had little opportunity to use an instrument for personal use.  Thus, all students must be provided with an instrument for the duration of their studies.  

As a school in Africa, we have little access to musical instruments. We greatly need your support to allow us to provide our students with a enough instruments, and with a large variety of instruments, to allow for greater learning opportunity.   

We welcome donations of instruments, as well as financial support to purchase, ship and pay the necessary taxes to bring instruments into the country.

Donating Instruments

To learn more about the types of instruments and the numbers that are needed, and how to get them to us, please follow this link.

Research Needs

 Jazzamba hopes to begin work on the development of new curriculum in the near future.  The current curriculum has been developed for the Ethiopian context, by the founders of the school, and derived from Berkley University in the United States.   There is also content developed by the Global Music Campus.     

Jazz performance music theory curriculum is not able to adequately encompass Ethiopian music. Classical music theory is also unable to adequately support Ethiopian music.  In order to develop Ethiopian music, it is necessary to have a music theory curriculum that combines jazz music theory with Ethiopian music theory.     

There is much more to be done in the areas of Ethiopian Jazz Theory and Ethiopian Music History.

Supporting Research

Find out what you can do to help Jazzamba develop Ethiopian music, by laying the foundation for the research and writing of new curriculum.