About Jazzamba

Jazzamba Purpose

The vision of Jazzamba is to be a centre for quality music education in Ethiopia, to nurture and inspire the next generations of musicians and to support the development of Ethiopian music into the future.   Our goals: 

1. Quality music education in Ethiopia, affordable for all

2. To nurture and inspire the next generations of musicians

3. To support the development of Ethiopian music

Jazzamba History

The Jazzamba School of Music was founded in 2008 by a group of the most prominent Ethiopian musicians some of whom had recently returned to Ethiopia from the United States after studying there. They decided to form a new music school to meet the growing demand by young musicians for a quality music education based on their own musical identity in a nurturing environment. Originally called the African Jazz School of Music before changing its name to Jazzamba, it was financed through the now legendary Jazzamba Lounge which was located in the Taitu Hotel in the Piazza district of central Addis. The Jazzamba Lounge was founded by the same group of musicians and it became the most popular club in the city presiding over the revival of Ethio-jazz. The club tragically burnt down in 2015.   Despite this major setback the Jazzamba School of Music has grown steadily since its foundation and also attracts students from other countries in the region.

The Jazzamba Team




The Jazzamba faculty is made up of some of the best musicians in Addis Ababa, including the founders of the school.  All music courses are taught by seasoned musicians, many of whom are active in the Addis Ababa music scene.




The administrative staff all have a passion for the vision of the school, and work with the faculty to provide quality music education.

Our Local Partners